Heat Pump Water Heaters Are Awesome

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Are you familiar with heat pump water heaters? It is about time that St Louis homeowners learn more about this super efficient means of heating water for ones home.

Heat pump water heaters are a game changer in water heating technology that are now 300 to 400 percent more efficient than traditional gas and electric water heaters.St Louis Heat Pump Water Heater

About 19 percent of all U.S. homes energy consumption is from heating water. About half of all residential water heaters in homes are gas or propane. Since they burn fossil fuels, they release carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which are not good for the environment. (Read more here on the dangers of nitrogen oxides:

The difference in how a heat pump works, is that it gathers heat from the atmosphere and concentrates it in the tank that stores water. The amount of money this type of water heater can save a household obviously varies, but according to the Department of Energy, it can be around $350 a year! (read more here:

Even with a higher equipment cost for a unit than a traditional gas or electric water heater, maybe local utilities offer incentives for installing one. Also, within a couple years, the cost difference can be made up in energy usage savings. Over the lifetime of the heater, one will save a considerable amount of money.

When it is time for a replacement water heater in your St Louis, Mo home, give us a call to discuss the advantages of possibly using a heat pump water heater.

Possible Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating

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When a solar water heater is discussed, some people might imagine a hot water tank or pool heater, however it is in fact a way to warm a house efficiently and comfortably using water and solar energy. As all of us know, the rising expense of house heating by standard techniques has numerous looking for alternative ways to keep their residences relaxing throughout the winter months. Solar energy is just among a number of alternative energies that is being took a look at by today’s cost conscience property owner that we wish to talk about today.  The ideas here are for heating a home and is the first of a series of posts we will have on using solar for home heating as well as water heating.

Using Solar Hot Water for Heating Your St Louis HomeSt Louis solar water heater

Solar water heaters can work in conjunction with a hydronic house heating system. The essentials are water is warmed by a boiler is run with a series of pipes and valves below the floor of a house. Taking complete advantage of radiant heat, this system can keep a house warmer than an air-forced system and around 40 % in energy expenses can be saved if it is run with gas or electric. If you choose to operate your boiler making use of solar energy, operating expenses can effectively be no.

The concept of have a water heater system that does not cost anything to run sound incredible however let us initially take an appearance at some of the disadvantages to make sure it will be a great suitable for your house. We want you to be knowledgeable about both the advantages and drawbacks prior to deciding.

Downsides of Solar Water Heating

One of the major drawbacks of solar water heating is the preliminary installment expenses. Relying on the size of the house, several solar collection panels will have to be installed which can get expensive, though the overall costs of panels has actually dropped considerably over the past numerous years. However with a life expectancy of as much as 20 years, solar panels more than pay for themselves in energy savings. In truth, they can spend for themselves in as low as three years. So one has to ask if the initial investment will worth the future energy saving expenses. As an example, if one isn’t really going to be living in ones existing house for many years, it might not be worth the financial investment, unless by having the system will add to the value of the house in a sale.

An additional concern is the installment of a hydronic system. If one currently has actually one installed in the house updating to a solar system will not be hard. If one is not installed currently, it would best be saved until a remodel or addition to the house is planned for the sub floor of the house will need to be modified.

The City of Palo Alto has a nice chart of the advantages and disadvantages here.

Since the sun doesn’t shine everyday, solar power, which depends on this sun obviously, can be unpredictable. Granted, your solar water heater will be able to keep energy to be made use of on cloudy days but you might still need to operate a backup heating system from time to time. The technology for solar energy storage is still be worked on so homeowners can cheaply save the energy produced.

Some mention solar power’s inefficiency as a dis advantage too, but it might just be a trade off:

“Solar inefficiency is an interesting argument, as efficiency is relative. One could ask “inefficient compared to what?” And “What determines efficiency?” Solar panels currently only have a radiation efficiency of up to 22%, however they don’t create the carbon by-product that coal produces and doesn’t require constant extraction, refinement, and transportation – all of which surely carry weight on efficiency scales. Since the sun doesn’t shine daily, solar energy, which counts on this sun obviously, can be unpredictable. Granted, your solar water heater will be able to save energy to be made use of on cloudy days however you could still need to run a backup heater from time to time. The technology of solar energy storage is still be worked on so homeowners can cheaply save the energy produced.”  (read more…)

Bear in mind that these downsides need to not prevent one from seeking a solar power source to heat the house but are indicated just to help in making a wise choice. Heating a house with solar power is a wonderful way to conserve a great deal of cash and Earth’s natural resources.

We will be adding an article on the advantages of solar water heating soon!

Winter Water Heater Precautions

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As we enter the winter, water heater difficulties can have a tendency to occur. Changing a water heater is an unwelcome, but occasionally needed, cost this time of year. There are several reasons why water heaters have a tendency to break down throughout the cold season.Water Heater Repair St Louis

As a water heater ages, if it is not drained and flushed at all or at least on a fairly routine basis, scale and sediment will develop inside the tank. Depending upon water conditions, the maker of the water heater will suggest this procedure to occur every year. Not just will this keep the hazardous develop up from forming inside the tank, it will keep the unit going for optimal efficiency, keeping month-to-month energy costs down too.

Additionally, the cooler temperature levels impact the water temperature level that comes into the house. The larger the water temperature level distinction, the more challenging a water heater needs to work to deliver hot water to the house. Unless the water heater is in great shape and well kept it is most likely to fail this time of year.

What result does cold water have? As cold water is pushed into the water heater it travels with exactly what is called a “dip tube.” The dip tube sends the inbound cold water to the bottom of the water heater pushing the hot water from the water heater. As it does this, the cold water entering from the bottom passes over the lower water heating element. The abrupt water difference in temperature level shocks the element of the heater and a weak heating element is most likely to fail.

Exactly what Can One Do

Make certain the water heater is in great overall shape. If one has actually not scheduled a professional service within the last year, now is the time to do so. Having us carry out a complete examination on your St. Louis home’s water heater to guarantee water heater concerns are not coming.

Drain Cleaning St Louis Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

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While many people are out going shopping the Friday morning after Thanksgiving Plumbing Contractors St Louis is hectic assisting numerous homeowners with clogged drains and toilets.

Drain Cleaning St Louis Holiday Tips

It is typically the garbage disposal unit that the majority of people have the hardest time with throughout the holiday with all the extra food preparation that gets done so the disposal works overtime. Things to be cautious of NOT grinding up in the disposal are turkey bones, turkey skin, potato peels, celery (anything stringy) and fruit. Also, ensure you have the water running before turning the disposal on, and then begin chopping stuff up.

One of the biggest thing to look out for that is easy to do given that it is a liquid, is putting cooking oil and grease down the sink drain. It might be a liquid when it goes down, however in a cold drain line (presuming you may be having cold weather conditions currently) it can quickly develop and clog the sink drain. Sort of like it does in our arteries, not to put a bad taste in your mouth thinking of all the remarkable food you will be making this holiday … maybe we ought to compose a post about healthy holiday foods next!

Also, if you are having visitors in, make sure to keep a trashcan in plain sight in the restroom NEXT to the toilet. It will certainly aid with any unwanted items being flushed … hopefully … at least with grownups.

If you seem to have any slow running drains now, provide Water Heater Repair St Louis a call to clean them out good prior to guests arriving and cooking your feast. We would have more time to come before Thanksgiving than after, but you are welcome to save some turkey and stuffing for us for Black Friday.

Drain Cleaning St Louis